BCGWJ level one training session

This past weekend saw the start of the latest BCGWJ level one training program.  Two day sessions were conducted on the island and on the mainland.  Thanks to Rick Homer (Victoria) and Axel Kroitsch (Mainland) for leading these sessions.  Many participants said that they learned more in two days than they thought they’d learn in the whole course.

Axel Kroitsch leading the mainland group.

On behalf of the guild, I’d like to extend my sincere appreciation to Rick Homer who has developed the bulk of this thorough and amazing program.

One of the many insightful exercises conducted this weekend.

January Cabernet Sauvignon Session

I am looking forward to the first BCGWJ session for 2018.   The Cabernet Sauvignon flight has been prepared by Rosina Nilsson of the Nanaimo chapter.  Make sure to read the notes which have been posted online.