June 2018 AGM

Hello Everyone

It’s the end of the BCGWJ wine year and time for our annual AGM.   The morning Sparkling Wine session will be followed by the afternoon annual general meeting.   You won’t want to miss this one.   I know there are going to be some excellent examples included in this flight.

Please consider putting your name forward for an executive position.  You can even put your name forward at the meeting.  An executive works best when there is always some turnover.  That way there are some experienced people along with some new blood and fresh ideas.  Take it from me, no one is desperately clinging to their positions.  All would be happy, even relieved, to have some new talent join and strengthen the guild.

For your convenience, here are the AGM details (as from the December 2017 post.

Date and Location set for 2018 AGM

Dear Guild Members,

The purpose of this e-mail is to confirm to you the date / location for the BC Guild Of Wine Judges Tasting and AGM (in Victoria) will be:

SUNDAY – JUNE 10, 2018



Arrive at Goward House by:                        9:00 am

Champagne/Sparkling Wine Tasting        9:15 am start time

Lunch (provided)                                             12:00 noon

AGM:                                                                    12:30 pm


VICTORIA CHAPTER MEMBERS:                 8:30 am (to help with set up)


All three Chapters are invited to participate and I ask that you please mark this date on your 2018 calendars and plan to attend.

Mary Homer

Guild Master – BC Guild of Wine Judges

Tel:  250 384 7898

E-mail:  MaryinVictoria@nullshaw.ca