BCGWJ Welcome to New Members

Welcome to the BC Guild of Wine Judges. The purpose of the guild is to train members to become wine judges who will evaluate wines entered into competitions around the province.

To accomplish this, we hold ten maintenance/training sessions per year, from September through June. We have chapters in Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo. We encourage guests to attend. For further information, please see:

Guild Master – Bill Huva  bhuva@nullshaw.ca
Secretary – Elaine Peligren  tpeligren@nullshaw.ca
Statistician – Bill Wyngaards  wyngaard@nulltelus.net
Treasurer – John Matkovich  bigjohnm@nulltelus.net
Educator – Rick Homer  rickinvictoria@nullshaw.ca
Past Guild Master – Mary Homer  Maryinvictoria@nullshaw.ca

Mainland Chapter Steward – Roger Ford  iford@nulltelus.net
Victoria Chapter Steward – Mary Homer  Maryinvictoria@nullshaw.ca
Nanaimo Chapter Steward – Elaine Peligren  tpeligren@nullshaw.ca