February’s Notes

Hats off to Don Gillingham and Peter Huyghebaert for submitting the notes for February’s Other Dry White (C4) flight which will feature Sauvignon Blanc.  Well done, guys!

Notes for December’s Session

Axel Kroitzsch of the Mainland Chapter has prepared an excellent flight for December’s After Dinner flight.  There will be several surprises and lots to learn for everyone.  You do not want to miss this session.  The notes have been posted.

October Other Dry Red

Trevor Curtis, from the Victoria chapter, has done an excellent job preparing the notes for the October session.  Be sure to pay attention to his advice on judging a challenging class such as E6 – Other Dry Red.

September 2019 – A New Year Begins

Greetings all and welcome to a new year. The September session features cabernet sauvignon and Roger Ford (Mainland chapter) has put together an excellent program. You do not want to miss this one. The notes will be posted to the web site shortly.

Web Page Update

Our Guild Web page has been updated with a second heading under “Preparing a Flight”.  Now in addition to “Template” there is also “Presenters Duties”.

It was actually already there, buried in the Handbook listed under “Resources”, which is password protected.

Thanks to Mary and Rick Homer for pointing this out.  It is now much easier to find. Check it out and remind others preparing flights to read it well in advance.


In addition, I have just received the notes for March’s Country Wine flight and they have been posted to the web.  Please have a read and print them out.  Thanks to Carol Fornelli and Peter Huyghebaert from Nanaimo for putting this one together.

Cheers everyone,


Winter 2019

Looking outside the window, there is no mistaking that it really is winter and that we are halfway through our ‘wine’ year.  The January Sparkling flight that I put together certainly proved to be an interesting one if nothing else.  I hope it exposed people to some styles they might not have encountered before.  Keep on drinking sparkling wines, they are not JUST for special occasions.

Join me is a shout out to Victoria’s Trevor Curtis for the excellent set of After Dinner notes he has prepared for our February session.  Be sure to read them.  They have been posted to the web.  I really appreciated the links he included.  Thanks to Rick Homer for mentoring Trevor.

For March, Carol Fornelli from Nanaimo is designing a Country Wine (non-grape) flight.  This is a class many are not familiar with so you won’t want to miss it.  There are a lot of new and exciting things that have happened since we last sampled these wines.

Finally, you will soon see information about our June AGM in Nanaimo as well as a request for people to get involved on the executive.  It is always healthiest when we have some people staying on in their positions as well as some new faces so that things carry on smoothly.  It is tough when everyone leaves at once and no one knows how things function so a gradual change is the best.  Please consider putting your name forward when asked and doing your part to keep our organization running smoothly.

Fall 2018

Well our new year is well under way and I just want to take a moment to recognize a few people who have worked hard to bring you quality programs.

Thanks to:

James Waring and Doug Markin for the September Zinfandel flight.

Brian McConnell and Bill Huva for our October Rhone session.

Nathan Muller and Rick Homer for the upcoming Pinot Noir flight.

Jan Nilsson and Peter Huyghebaert for December’s ODW session.

The New Wine Year is About to Begin

Hello Everyone and welcome to the new wine year for the guild.   I hope you have enjoyed your (smoky?) summer and were able to explore a little of the wine world – traveling, visiting wineries, reading, tasting or researching.  The notes for our September Zinfandel and October Rhone Style Reds sessions have been posted to our web site.