December Pinot Noir Notes

Kudos to Roger Ford of the Mainland chapter who has compiled some impressive notes on the Pinot Noir flight Axel Kroitzsch has put together.  It should prove to be a very well enjoyable evening.

Session notes

Well, after dropping the ball and being late posting the October Chardonnay notes (apologies again to Nathan in Victoria), I have now posted the November Red Bordeaux notes from Elaine Peligren in Nanaimo early.  You can find all session notes by clicking on ‘Classes’ under ‘Tasting Notes’ on the main page.


Just a little reminder to try and keep your skills up. We haven’t been able to meet for a long time, but I hope you are trying new wines/different wines at home and remembering to score them when you do.  There is a score sheet posted on the web site if you need one.

Important Schedule Update

Hello Guild Members – after consulting with the chapters and executive, I have decided the Guild tasting sessions for March and April are canceled.  Please do not attend.

The purpose of all the cancellations going on now due to the COVID-19 are to prevent its spread. Gatherings of just about any size can inadvertently spread this easily transmitted virus. What is different about this one is while most people recover, it is very easily spread and is very significant for some people who do get it.

The March tasting was to be Rhone wines and they have already been delivered to the chapters.  Can the chapter people please keep those wines appropriately stored.

My hope is that we can resume normal operations in May with the Rhone tasting.  June is the AGM hosted by Mainland and is Sparkling.  We will then have Victoria do the Chardonnay that was scheduled for April in September and Nanaimo the Bordeaux tasting that was scheduled for May in October.  We can then resume the normal rotation with November and a new plan.

Attached is the revised schedule for this year.

Thank you all for your understanding and good health.


2019 – 2020 Tasting Education Schedule – Revised [2]

March Rhone Flight

The notes for the March Rhone Flight have been posted.   Thanks to Axel Kroitzsch and Rino Genzale for putting together what promises to be a very interesting flight.

February’s Notes

Hats off to Don Gillingham and Peter Huyghebaert for submitting the notes for February’s Other Dry White (C4) flight which will feature Sauvignon Blanc.  Well done, guys!