Template for Presentation Notes

Class Title

(e.g. Bordeaux Style Red)


After completing this session you should know:

List 5 – 10 facts the reader should learn from this session: e.g. Varietal characteristics, countries associated with this varietal or style, historical context, any special vinification facts, etc.


Class designation and name

E.g. Dry Red Bordeaux Style – copied form the handbook



If relevant to the class



If relevant to the class


Regions / Countries Where Grown


Variations In style

If relevant to the class – e.g. Warm climate vs dry climate


The Wine

Typical varietal descriptors


Food Pairings

If relevant to the class


The Flight

Here you might want to mention things like:

There are old world and new world examples in the flight.

There is a right bank and a left bank example in the flight

One BC vintage is included.

There are examples from the northern and southern hemispheres.


List of References

A list of books and web sites that were used to gather the information for the flight.